Do it Now or Never

Self-love is an action not a state of feeling good

Hellos !!! Good to see you.I was just going through a couple of articles regarding haircuts and as always I got stuck with something out of the blue, something which unknowingly forms an integral part of our life – procrastination, in other words, laziness and sometimes delaying for no reason.

Did you ever realize how harmful it could be especially in terms of your psychological health ???

Let us say, you want to get a new haircut and you are spending hours and days thinking should I or should I not, asking ‘n’ no of people, re-consulting yourself and what not. But the point is – was it required ??? In case you’ll get it done as you like with no ifs not buts then what ??? Do you think it will scrap away your salary, your friends, your family ??? Certainly not. So what’s the point of giving it such a deep and critical analysis ???

Understand the only difference it will bring to you is an increase in your serenity and happiness because you wanted to do it and you did it. A sense of accomplishment that yes you did it and that’s what exactly should matter to you. Your life is entirely your responsibility, how you shape it highly depends on your choice and proactiveness. Take a stand for your peace of mind. Trust me it won’t take more than twenty seconds of courage to do it else you may choose to sit back and see someone else doing the same with the only thing in mind “ I wish I would have done it ” or what’s common “ I was just about to do it”.

Make your life simple not for the sake of it but also for your growth. Not taking up a task out of a fear of failure or not being appreciated won’t lead you anywhere other than ending up at “ I Wish …..”. Thinking of doing something crazy or funky, do it. Want to go for skydiving, go for it. Want to cook something, make me also taste ( kidding). All in all, don’t wait for the right time because it’s not

“ the time suppose to be right
the right stand to be taken on time ”

Am sure you’ll agree, until the time you are not able to do something for yourself, you are not supposed to expect others doing anything for you. Above all, you are a free bird, it is just a matter of realization. You have been gifted the birthright to choose and follow your will. The only thing which can hamper your decisions is your self-doubt.

Apart from critical thinking, self-doubt, there’s one more thing which often cages many and that is the approval seeking behavior. In simple words, it is the desire of being accepted and appreciated but then again the question arises, why do you need it ??? You are not here to please anyone. Everytime you think of doing something the only approval you got to seek is from your conscious and to analyze if that is going to be happy with your decision or not.

You have a liking for someone talk to that person, figure out if things can be taken ahead or not. If yes, its party time and if not bless him and move on. At least you tried your level best and believe me in either case you’ll be a learner. Often such setbacks make a person to realize his/her self-worth. But then again why to drag yourself to a point where you have no choice ??? Why not make yourself strong enough of being you ??? Makes sense ????

No matter in which caste, creed or culture you are born, one thing will remain common and that’s the continuous learning process.
Every individual has a purpose to fulfill which requires experience and knowledge and when it comes to living nothing other than our mistakes, stupidities and decisions can substitute. We have this one life to follow our heart, to live in our conditions and above all to make it worth because

“ the only difference
ordinary and extraordinary
that little extra ”

Even after all these clarifications, if you feel its still good to work on advice from others, I would suggest looking around. You won’t find a single person working on how you suggest. Why ??? Because they know what’s good for them. They may discuss it with you but would never go blindly after what you say and the chances are there they may not even discuss and would directly be informing you. And they are the ones you’ll always find in high spirits, tagged in funky pictures doing something totally crazing making you awww and the same old thought “ I wish ….”.

And my point is why to keep wishing, why not to do it ??? Make up your memories than creating a record of others. Make it interesting for yourself. Before looking for a company to spend time with master the art of spending time with yourself, pleasing and above all loving yourself because at the end of everything

“ the only person
who requires your care and concern
the most is
you ”

So, what are you waiting for ??? Shake off the dust, challenge your yourself, let it realize who the real you is and what your vibrant potential is not for the approval of others but not to let yourself think ever “ I wish …..”. Grab a list, pen down all the spooky, goofy activities you would like to do, I won’t say before you die but before the year 2018 slips away like other years did because

“ No matter
how good or bad life treats you,
it will go on until
the time you take the command ”

Always remember you are given this one life to design, construct and re-construct. And for that matter, the only tool required is the self-realization that its

“ Now
Never “

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